Liaoning Communication University

Liaoning Communication University (LCU) was built in 1991, formerly known as Liaoning Vocational College of Fine Arts. In 2014, it was renamed as “Liaoning Communication University” approved by the National Ministry of Education. Now it is the solely independent setting university for professional high education in the Northeast of China to cultivate the talents of Media Industry. As the early as in 2001, the President of University Prof. JANG Li proposed the forward-looking advanced Education Philosophy “Customized Training”. In the last 25 years of college development, it has always adhered to job market-oriented as our Educational Core, be consistently exploring and innovating in the patterns of cultivation, successfully to transport more than 30,000 highly qualified professionals to the industry in Culture, Art and Media. The Employment Rate of our graduates was more than 95% for many years, and become a model of combination cultivating talents with employment. LCU sets up School of News and Communication, School of Art Design, School of Radio, Television and Film, School of Management, School of Fine Art, School of Public Art, and also Department of Ideology and Morality Education, Basic Education and Physical Education related to four Disciplines include Literature, Art, Management and Engineering. LCU also has an excellent geographic location where is the centre of Shenbei University City with strong culture-educational atmosphere. The university belongs to Gardened Style with strong art atmosphere, the buildings are spectacular and unique, especially stood out clearly against spirited green which add a new vitality to the campus. The university offers various fully functional teaching facilities, stadium, library, art gallery, student life center and also all the campus is covered with cable and wireless network. There are 105 different kinds of practical training rooms, most of the facilities’ configuration standards are higher than industrial standards. They are not only for teaching, also for combination of producing and teaching, e.g. The systems or equipments like HDV, the advanced international level 3D and RED series of digital camera, non-linear editing system, film and television post-production graphics workstations, photography training rooms, Apple & Fang zheng fei teng Workstation. The first-class software and hardware facilities make students are immersed to accomplish their tasks of training and practice with high standards. LCU has nearly 500 faculties in full-time and part-time with outstanding academic achievements and teaching skills that contains a group of well-structured famous domestic and foreign experts in the industry of Media, Art, Design, Internet and Education. More than 70% of teachers have Doctor or Master Degree and more than two-thirds have above Title in Vice-high class, and furthermore, “Double-qualified Teachers” take over 40% of all the teachers. The University also faces to the society to hire a batch of distinguished experts and scholars at home and abroad as visiting professors to enrich the teaching contents and improve teaching level for our students make the best possible to absorb the others’ strengths and fully prepared to do everything. LCU is based on Educational Philosophy of Applied University and sets 13 undergraduate programs that related to three big industries involved Media, Art and Internet. Also we build up five core specialized groups of Journalism and Communication, Art design, Radio, Film and Television, Cultural Management and Public Art and create a new integrated teaching mode “professional project package”. In addition, LCU has put teaching quality as a life since it was built, every single teacher of LCU should follow “Good preparation for class” as the professional criterion. The way of University-enterprise Cooperation “Customized Talents Training” is our typical feature to propel talents training. At present, 218 companies have established long-term stable cooperative relations with us, including many leading enterprises of domestic media, animation, film & television like Shenzhen Huaqiang Group, Beijing Qixinran Cartoon Digital Technology Co., LTD, Taiwan’s sole proprietorship Bao Sheng International Co., LTD, Qi Tian Rui Li Media etc. Every year they make a reservation in our graduates based on the type of customized talents training. LCU also has built a long-term of cooperative relationships with many domestic famous media organizations like China Film Group (CFG), Liaoning Radio and Television Station, Shenyang Radio and Television Station to tailor talents for media professionals. LCU has achieved the seamless interface between university and enterprises as tightly close to the demand of economic social and industrial development. Our students will have specialized knowledge to meet the demands of enterprises. LCU built up four Educational Systems, includes “Creative,

Location Liaoning
Major Programs Chinese Language Courses
Faculty Highly Qualified
Language Medium Chinese/English
Intake March/September
Application Fee 800RMB OR 150$
Management Fee 3000RMB
Recognition/Affiliation Yes
Bachelor Program
MS Program
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