Hebei University

As the only key comprehensive and co-established university of the Province and Ministry, Hebei University played an important and special role in the national education project. Hebei University contained 192 hectares and its building area is 1,000,000 centiares, Which including Old Campus, New Campus and Medical School, etc. Hebei University covered 30 colleges and 5 common teaching departments. It also has 86 undergraduate majors, which distributed in 10 subjects except agriculture science; 147 doctor and master degree Programs. There are 8,000 faculty members in Hebei University, and 1/4 of them owned doctor degree. Hebei University has 41,000 full-time undergraduate students, 5,500 full-time doctor and master students and 350 short or long term international students. Hebei University is one of the first batch of Universities that enroll international students in china since 1956, more than 2,000 international students from more than 30 different countries has studied in Hebei University in different majors.

Location Hebei
Major Programs Bachelor/Master/PhD and Short term Courses
Faculty Highly Qualified
Language Medium English/Chinese
Intake March/September
Application Fee 800RMB OR 150$
Management Fee 3000RMB
Recognition/Affiliation Worldwide Recognized
Bachelor Program
MS Program
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