Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications

Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT) is based in Nanjing, a historically and culturally inspiring city that was once home to six ancient Chinese dynasties. A Jiangsu Key University and one of China’s first universities included in the nation’s “2011 Project”, NUPT traces its origin back to a Shandong-based wartime postal service training school established in 1942, marking an initial effort by CPC and the PLA to cultivate professionals in communications. The school was in 1958 upgraded by the State Council to a college, renamed Nanjing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications. Previously administered by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (reorganized and merged into the newly established Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT)), the institute was in 2000 turned over to the co-administration by the Jiangsu Government and MIIT. It was in 2005 expanded into a university, given its current name. In October 2013, NUPT incorporated Nanjing College for Population Program Management, gaining considerable growth both in size and strength.   Over the years, NUPT has come to indentify its culture as a diligent pursuit of truth, progress and creativity, and has set forth four virtues for all NUPT faculty and students to hold onto, i.e. goodness, perseverance, truthfulness and practicality.   NUPT boasts of academic strength in engineering, information technology in particular, and offers from undergraduate to doctoral programs in a wide spectrum of disciplines, including Science, Economics, Management, Education, Art and Law.   Operating from four campuses, i.e. Xianlin, Sanpailou, Suojincun and Jiangning, the university now offers education to around a total of 30000 students.   In addition to 50 undergraduate programs, NUPT now runs 2 Post-doctoral stations and 17 Doctoral Programs (including 3 First-level Degree programs), 44 Academically-oriented Master Degree programs (including 10 First-level Degree programs), 12 Profession-oriented Master Degree programs, as well as MBA and ME programs.   NUPT is home to 7 National Special Major Trial Programs, 1 Trial Program of National Comprehensive Degree Program Reform, 18 Jiangsu-funded Special Programs or trial ones, 8 National Excellence Initiative Programs, 5 Jiangsu Excellence Initiative Programs, 9 Jiangsu Key Programs.   NUPT has a total of 2237 faculty members, including 1362 full-time teachers, 50.37 percent of whom have earned advanced/higher professional titles, and 87.81 percent of whom are with Doctoral and Master’s degrees; 486 of them are supervisors to Ph. D and Master’s degree candidates.   NUPT boasts no lack of high-end talents on its faculty team: 1 Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CPCUAS); 3 Specially Appointed Professors who are “Chang Jiang Scholars” of the Ministry of Education(MoE); 3 recipients of the Outstanding Youth of China Fund; 2 Scholars of “New Century National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”; 6 “One Thousand Talents Program” Scholars; 2 “One Thousand Young Talents ” Scholars; 4 recipients of the “Outstanding Youth Science Fund”; 1 Scholar of “CPCUAS One Hundred Talents Program”, 11 Scholars of “New Century Talent Support Project of the MoE; 12 Scholars of “Advanced Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talent Recruit Initiative of Jiangsu Province”; 8 Specially Appointed Professors of Jiangsu Province; 2 China Young and Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions; 6 MoE/Jiangsu Young and Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions; 68 person-time members of Jiangsu 333 Talent Program; 35 recipients of “Jiangsu Six Categories of Talent Summit Fund”; 2 Honorable Teachers of Jiangsu Higher Education Institutes; and 1 Nobel Laureate, the first to have been brought into a Province-administered university in Jiangsu.   Apart from individuals, NUPT has over the years fostered a number of prestigious teaching or research teams: 1 National Innovative Team in Key Research Areas; 1 team of “MoE Chang Jiang Scholars and Innovative Team Development Program”; 3 Jiangsu Innovative Teams; 1 Innovative Team of Social Sciences in Jiangsu Higher Education Institutes; 2 Science and Technology Innovation Teams of Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province; 1 Excellent Teaching Team of Jiangsu Province.   Quite a number of faculty members have been active as directors, committee members and specialists in such academic institutions as the MoE Advisory Committee of Higher Education Institutes, International Telecommunications Union, China Institute of Communications, Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Computer Federation, Chinese Association of Automation and China Statistical Association.   NUPT is well equipped with teaching and research facilities. Presently, it has 1 State Key Lab Incubation Base jointly sponsored by Jiangsu Province and the MoE;1 Key Lab jointly sponsored by Jiangsu

Location Jiangsu
Major Programs Bachelor , Master , PhD
Faculty .
Language Medium English/Chinese.
Intake September/March
Application Fee 200$
Management Fee 500$
Recognition/Affiliation .
Bachelor Program
Program Computer Science , Business Administration , Information Communication Systems
BS Fee 15000RMB/Year
Duration 4 Year
Scholarships Yes , Partial Scholarships , Jasmine Scholarship and Nanjing Government Scholarships available.  get further info
MS Program
MS Programs MBA , Information Communications Systems ,
MS Fee 20000RMB
MS Duration 2.5/3 Year
Scholarships Yes , Partial Scholarships , Jasmine Scholarship and Nanjing Government Scholarships available.  get further info
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