Shenyang Institite of Enginering

Shenyang Institute of Engineering is located in the center of national and regional cities in China, capital of Liaoning Province - Shenyang, is a culture so advanced application-oriented talents full-time undergraduate colleges. School was formerly the founding in 1952 of the College and Shenyang Power established in 1947 in Northeast Juvenile (restructured in 1999, Liaoning Vocational College of Business). 2003 by the Ministry of Education approved, the two schools merged to form the Shenyang Institute of Engineering, now owned by the Liaoning Provincial People's Government. According to November 2015 data show that the school's official website, the school has a main campus, technology parks and industrial parks, covers an area of nearly 860,000 square meters, construction area of nearly 320,000 square meters, fixed assets worth about 797 million yuan, 2011 Assets the assessed value of 1.67 billion yuan; schools have full-time students 11 193 people, including 121 full-time graduate master's degree, an ordinary full-time undergraduate students 9414 people, college students 1658 people. Since the formation of the school, the community has been transported tens of thousands of application-oriented talents, graduates are well received in recent years, the employment rate has remained at over 90%. 沈阳工程学院坐落在中国国家区域中心城市、辽宁省省会——沈阳,是一所以培养高级应用型人才为主的全日制普通本科院校。 学校前身是1952年建校的沈阳电力高等专科学校和1947年成立的东北团校(1999年改制为辽宁商务职业学院)。2003年经国家教育部批准,两校合并组建沈阳工程学院,现隶属于辽宁省人民政府。 根据2015年11月学校官网资料显示,学校有主校区、科技园区和产业园区,占地面积近86万平方米,建筑面积近32万平方米,固定资产总值约7.97亿元 ,2011年资产评估值16.7亿元;学校有全日制在校生11193人,其中全日制硕士研究生121人,普通全日制本科生9414人,专科生1658人。自学校组建以来,已为社会输送了数万名应用型人才,毕业生受到用人单位好评,近几年就业率始终保持在90%以上。

Location Liaoning
Major Programs Bachelor/ Short term Courses
Faculty Highly Qualified
Language Medium English/Chinese
Intake March/September
Application Fee 800RMB OR 150$
Management Fee 3000RMB
Recognition/Affiliation Worldwide Recognized
Bachelor Program
Program Civil Engineering , Mechanical Engineering,Computer Science and Technology , International Economy and Trade
BS Fee 16.000 RMB/Year Approx 2500#/Year /// Hostel Fees: 4,200RMB/Year
Duration 4 Years
Scholarships Yes get further info
MS Program
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