Which Countries Students can apply for Study in China?
All Nationalities students are fine for study in China , But Some provinces don't allow specific Countries students to Study in the same province's Institutions.
what if the Weather is not Suitable for me?
China is the the World,s 4th biggest country after Russia , Canada and USA , so the Weather is not same in all Cities at the same time . In Winter Season in Northern Area like Harbin temperature will drop to as low as -30degree Celcius but at the same time the Temperature in Guangzhou or Haikou will be 20-25Degree Celcius , SO the students can ask CPCUAS about this.(mostly Asthma patients have problems in winter in Northern Areas).
What if I don’t like my roommates ?
Students generally get along with their roommates.However, if there is a problem, we will find you a new roommate in order that your stay will be as pleasant as possible.
Are there gym / supermarket / bank facilities/Restaurants/Muslim Halal Food/ Mas
Yes – All these facilities are usually within walking distance to all accommodations whether you are living on the campus or Outside the Campus. The CPCUAS Representative will show you these areas during your first few days of arrival in order to get you acquainted with your new home /Hostel and local area as soon as possible.
Do I have to live on campus OR Can i live Outside the campus?
Apartments are available outside the Campus but you must make sure that any apartment you rent is a legal residence for foreigners or not . it depends on University to University , Most of the Universities dont allow Students to Live outside the Campus.
Should I / Can I open a Chinese bank account?
Some students find it easier to manage their money and student budgets by opening a local Chinese bank account. CPCUAS Representative will help you through the process of opening Bank Account in your first few days after arrival. Keep in mind that it can be tricky and expensive transferring money in and out of a Chinese account through international bank transfers or online. We find it best if you can deposit cash to fund your account.
How can I get or exchange money while I am in China?
You may bring money with you, either in the form of cash or traveler’s checks. ATM machines are available in most banks of China. And you can also draw cash in advance over the counters at most large banks for a transaction charge. Major hotels and most fine restaurants and stores now accept credit cards in China. Students enrolling for longer courses may wish to open a bank account in the banks of China.
What other types of expenses should I plan for while in China?
Entertainment in China is generally inexpensive. Transportation options include the public bus (which costs 1-2 RMB per ride) and subway (2-4 RMB per ride), as well as taxi service which costs 10 RMB for short distances and up to 30 RMB to go across town or downtown
What is the average level of living expenses?
Living Expenses differ from city to city . It usually depends on Students Living Style and Choice. The Cafeteria/Mess in universities of China generally offers single dish meals with rice for as little as 4 RMB per meal. Chinese restaurants on campus and in the local area offer meals for 5 – 20 RMB per person. Western restaurants will cost between 20 and 80 RMB per person per meal.
Can I work while studying?
According to government regulations in China, international students cannot work during their studies. However, part-time work or internships are sometimes allowed. Teaching English Jobs are particularly easy for native English speakers and also for other students who speak english very well.
Is There any Age-Limit for the Students Age?
Sure , Too young or too old candidates are Rejected by University OR Ministry Of Education .Students applying for Bachelor Degree should be 18-30 years old , in some universities 18-24years old . For Master/Post Graduation 23-35years old . For PhD 25-45Years Old.
Are scholarships available?
The Chinese government has several scholarship programs for those who wish to study in China.But Schlorships are mostly available for Masters Or Postgraduation level and PhD Students, Sometimes Partial or Full Scholarships are also Available for Bachelors or Undergraduate level .
What are the required documents for Admissions ?
Filled Application Form (Scan Copy) Photocopy of valid passport. A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant. High school academic transcript OR Mark sheet (Grade 10). High school graduate certificate Or Intermediate/FSc/A-Level Certificate or Mark sheet (10+2). Registration/Application + Admission Fee
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