Hostel & Accommodation

In China all universities Suggest international students to Live inside Campus , for this purpose all Universities provide inside Campus Accomodation , foreign students hostel is usually enough good , having different types of Rooms according to how many Persons Sharing a room (usually 2 or 3 students living in one room , One person in one room is more expensive so students prefer to stay together).

All rooms have necessary things like , Beds , Cupboard(Cabinet) , washroom , Study chair and Table , Internet Connection , (some universities also provide TV etc.).

Some Universities allow international students to cook in their Rooms but some Universities dont allow cooking inside Hostel , so they alternatively provide Canteen for foreigner Students .

Every university have different Section of Hostel for Male/Female .

Muslims students can Pray together in Hostel , so they specify one floor where they pray 5 times .

you are advised to reserve your Room in advance and pay for it , because every year our universities are enrolling too many international students , so sometimes if students arrive suddenly and his desired room is not available , then student have to stay in any other Room or CAS Representative will help the student to Rent apartment outside University(if the University allow).
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